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Safety Policy
Safety is a matter of primary importance exceeded by no other consideration. Safety shall take precedence over expediency or short cuts.

The safety of all our employees, the public and the operation of the company is our main concern. Every effort will be made to reduce the possibility of accidental occurrences:
  • It is recognized that on the job injuries and accidents are always costly to the worker and can be disastrous to their future and to the future of their family
  • A safe job requires the combined efforts of all persons at all times. Each individual within our organization is expected to be a "Safety Person".
  • Each and every employee is required to actively participate in the safety program. Each employee should attend the safety meetings, submit suggestions and ideas, and follow the Loss Control Program.
The company will comply with all safety regulations, laws and ordinances of the U.S Department of Transportation, OSHA and of the States in which we operate. We believe that safety is the responsibility of all levels of management, starting with the president.

Corporate Management is committed to:
  • Adhering to all safety rules and regulations.
  • Providing a safe place to work for employees.
  • Providing safety training and counseling.
  • Eliminating unsafe acts through immediate corrective action.
  • Insisting upon a commitment of safety from all personnel.
Every employee is expected to accept our safety polices to the letter. In addition, each employee must demonstrate an attitude of responsibility for the execution of these polices in all operations under his/her direction or control. There must be no relaxation in the diligent observance of this responsibility.

Together we can make the difference in the safety of everyone.
Collision Mitigation, Roll Stability Sytems and Critical Event Reporting Systems:
Southern Haulers LLC., in its commitment to Safety, has installed Collision Mitigation Systems such as the EVT300 Vorad System, VS400 Vorad System and the Bendix Wingman Advanced System as well as Roll Stability Systems on their trucks. The Collision Mitigation Systems are designed to alert the driver when he/she is following too close to a forward vehicle. These systems were developed from a study conducted by the Daimler Benz Corporation, which stated that 90% of all collisions could be avoided with just one extra second of advanced warning. The Collision Mitigation Systems at Southern Haulers LLC and its affiliated companies (John Brown Trucking and R&J Trucking) allow the drivers an extra four seconds of notification of vehicles in close proximity.

The Roll Stability System is designed to mitigate roll over accidents. The system actively monitors the speed of the truck as well as the amount of g forces which effect the stability of the load. When the roll stability system is activated, the engine brake engages and the tractor's foundation brakes are automatically applied to mitigate a roll over incident. 

The Critical Event Reporting System is designed to inform both the Safety Department as well as the driver that a Critical Event occurred. Critical Events that are reported  include hard braking events, tailgating critical events, and roll stability critical events. Additionally, speeds in excess of 75mph are reported by the truck to the Safety Department.

Both the collision mitigation systems and the roll stability systems  are downloaded by the Maintenance Department on a monthly basis. This downloaded data is sent to the Vorad Program Manager, who is part of the Safety Department. The Vorad Program Manager reviews the information from these systems with the Terminal Managers and the Drivers to ensure that the trucks are driven safely. Information received by the Critical Event Reporting System is reviewed as soon as it is received by the Vorad Program Manager. This information is shared with the Terminal Managers and Drivers to reinforce safe driving habits and to prevent critical events from occurring.
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